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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

without further adieu.

Just over a month ago, my ears had the privilege to hear and my eyes the pleasure to see an incredibly talented band perform live. A privilege because such talent won't go unnoticed for long. A pleasure because they're easy on the eyes and have the sweetest of hearts. I'm honored to call this amazing group of guys [my] friends.

Meet 10th Concession!!!
from left to right-Evan Koteles, David Daniels, Matthew Brady and Ian Koteles.

Never, and I've had my fair share, have I personally known a band so driven to succeed. So hardworking. So dedicated. It's so refreshing!

Now that I've doubled the circumference of all four of their heads, I'll get to all the info you need to know to get to know them for yourself...and how to snag a free CD! Schweeet!

You can find them on:

Be sure and join so you can stay up to date on upcoming shows and events!

Here's how to score a free CD signed by 10th Concession; visit Tara's blog and follow one or more of the instructions given. You can comment on my blog as well and the info will be forwarded to Tara before the deadline.

Now before I go, I have to "brag" (w/ pictures) about the opportunity I had to shoot these fine fellows. Enjoy! *the image above included*

That, my friends is the one and only, 10th Concession. Commit that name to memory because one day you will be bobbing that head of yours to a song of theirs, on the radio. Scouts honor. Pinky promise. Cross my heart and hope to die. Honestly.


  1. This was amazing to read. Can not thank you enough!

  2. Anonymous?! You're killin me!

  3. WELL SAID!!!! Can't agree with you more Stefunny!

  4. Totally agree!!!! I keep waiting on that Dj on the radio to say..and now out of Tampa Fl, this new young thriving group.........

  5. Soon! Very soon! Thanks for the comment!