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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ask me what I did yesterday!!

Feb 15 has been declared the most productive day in my life...well, at least it's the most productive day I've had in a while. I can't recall, though, feeling SO fantastic and accomplished after such a busy day!

My day started early @ 6:45am to work for a bit..I take one of the guys from our group home and two other people to work on monday mornings (they are special needs). I always hate getting up for it but once I'm up I'm ok (same for any other day). On my way home I called and made Petey, my adorable fluffy little pup who sheds like crazy, an appointment to get groomed+shaved. 

 *see why I say adorable?!* ; )

I ran home got him all fed and ready to go and off we went. He loves being the car but he gets so excited and spaz's so he doesn't go out that often : / The most difficult part about the groomer's is leaving him there for so long-I don't like that! However, today it felt like I was dropping my kid off at daycare so I could come home and get some stuff done and boy did I!!! Once home I swept, vacuumed and dusted. Cleaned and organized my room, recruited help from my dad to help get the brackets for my curtain rods up, (please ignore the mess on my desk; an improved, clean version of itself is to come later in the post)
(the roses are from him-he always buys my sister and I Valentine presents and this year we got a cute heart-shaped ring and roses!!), cleaned and prepped my fantastic flea-market find (the chair I mentioned in a previous post) to be painted (white) and re-upholstered 

with this fabric 

**this is where I had to leave to go pick up the gang I took to work and take them home annnd pick up Petey**
SURPRISE! he got his mohawk back ; ) the first time I had him shaved I did this and it was a big hit! I think it's SO cute! He knows how to rock it. The bandana is from the groomers, they always send them home with a cute scarf! Petey's says "hot"! I'm so proud to call him mine-everyone always tells me how handsome of a pug he is. Puts a smile on my face.
Ok enough bragging, back to business...after getting petey home and settled I got back to my room and hung my curtains (from Pier 1) up! LOVE THEM! [And organized my mess of a desk.]

my desk is from IKEA and I love love LOVE it! Especially how it's design lights the floor! I then made my bed (also from IKEA) and called it a day!
this is the space, above my bed, where I want to hang my picture rail. Yes? No? Any other suggestions?! I'm so indecisive when it comes to my personal space and how it's decorated! Any feedback is appreciated! Have a terrific day!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

at a loss for words.

I have found myself at the most awkward place in my life. fresh out of a horrific struggle through life yet still fighting my way through it. just turned 25. still unsure of who I am or would like to be. 
Lucky for me God has guided me back into church and I have been reacquainted with a support system I let go of and have so desperately needed! It's been a magical experience minus the mystery of the unknown. I've always known what being in church does for the soul. I simply (I can use that word to describe it now even though it's quite complicated to explain) lost sight of what matters. The take I have on my life has so drastically changed! I am at a loss for words.

Speaking of awkward and losses of words, the past few days have been just that when trying to express myself. It's like my brain shuts off just seconds before I go to speak/type. No comprende le situatione...clearly I suck at spanish too ; )

In an attempt to express myself with words I'd like to do a small re-cap of my week so far: sunday-sunday school olympics started (more info? just ask), took on a young lady in youth and a senior adult woman as my secret sisters for the month. Monday-had lunch with a friend I haven't seen since high-school (SIX, almost SEVEN years-bleh) and met her two precious babies (a baby girl and a 2 year old little boy); we've known each other since the first grade! We had a nice chat catching each other up on our lives. Tuesday: nothing super exciting happened, I babysat my boys that morning and my work week started. Wednesday: I met another dear old friend, who was "home" from her home in Ohio, for coffee; haven't seen her in 3 or so years. I had a hard time leaving and going our separate ways : ( we made a "pact" to stay in touch to the best of our ability! I will abide by it!! [did I mention both of the old friends I met up with are named katy/katie?! neat!] and today, Thursday: did some shopping for my secret sisters valentine's gifts and met up with yet another friend for lunch! I don't know about you but, a week filled with friends is a great week in my book! I feel blessed beyond belief...I'm a simpleton. doesn't take much!


Sunday, February 7, 2010


I fixed the picture sizes in the 2 posts that I totally screwed up earlier this week.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

johnny boy mayer!

here they are!! the pics and videos from the John Mayer concert last night! So so SO gooooood!!! Michael Franti and the Spearheads opened and were a lot of fun! I love me some reggae music! Mr. Franti went out into the crowd and sang and danced with the fans...I love when that happens! Anywho, enjoy!
This is the second time I've seen him live and once again I hated that it had to end! It seriously bothers me to leave his concert. Is that weird? ; )

the quest is over. YES!!!

I have FINALLY found what I want to do with the space above my bed! I'm a photographer and I have nothing on my walls! sad! I have been searching and searching for ways other than just putting a nail in the wall and throwing a picture on it and I've decided on what to do: a picture rail! I LOVE the idea of using the branch in the first image..too cute! and I really love the layering/stacking of the two pieces on one nail in the second image. I'm excited! Now I'm on the hunt for cute, ornate frames! Any suggestions?

Other exciting decor news I found a SUPER great find at the flea market today! I bough a decorative rod-iron, high-backed chair (I'll have to take a picture and show it off) that I'm going to paint and re-upholster! This will be my first re-upholstering experience...YAY!! I LOVE DIY projects!
John Mayer concert recap/update will be posted very soon!! <3

Have a great night!

Friday, February 5, 2010

chrome pomegranate. rain. and a hot date!

Tonight I am being treated to the John Mayer concert for my birthday (Jan. 30) by a mother figure from my childhood! I am beyond excited; his live shows are a billion times better than his cd's...who knew that was possible these days?! I've got a fresh coat of polish on my nails so I'm ready to go! The color is called pomegranate and it's a chrome effect. LOVE IT!

One thing that's putting a damper (literally) on my evening is the rain!! I do not enjoy being out in the rain! Wet feet and pant legs make me miserable so I'm having a hard time planning my outfit and I'm not sure if it's supposed to keep raining or not. My guess is that it's going to keep on drizzling-a dress and flats it is! : / I'm horrible with managing my time so since I'm thinking about it I should go and get ready because I have less than an hour to be dressed and ready to go meet and get some dinner! Let the HOT DATE begin!!