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Thursday, April 29, 2010

glitter in the air...

So, once again this is not the intended post that I've been promising but, when your heart has something to say it's sort of hard to ignore!

Life has been pretty flippin' sweet lately! Now, I realized that before today, it's just today I found myself reflecting on some things and ended up back at this past Tuesday. I had an interview and was asked "what makes you happy?" As I went to open my mouth to answer my eyes began to tear up! WHY IN THE WORLD WAS I CRYING?! Especially during an interview!! Let me answer that-one, I couldn't remember the last time someone had asked me that. Two, I could finally, after 3-4 years, say that something made me genuinely happy! My reply was "everything!", with as big of a smile as my tears would allow. It felt amazing! Being vulnerable is no easy task for me. Although, in that moment, I felt stronger than I've ever felt! I thank God for putting me through the trials and hardships. I know now it's so I'd come out of it realizing the beauty of life and really living and loving every second of it!

Have a lovely day!

If you haven't heard it yet, go listen to "glitter in the air" by Pink! Love love LOVE it!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

dusty talents.

God thing or not, today I somehow ended up watching Hillsong performances on youtube. They are insanely talented and all possess angelic voices. My voice, FAR from angelic, is decent and I thoroughly enjoy singing so why in the world am I not?! I mean I sing every single day, sometimes all day but why not where people can hear? My excuse is "I'm not ready." Lame! That's become a habitual answer and I will stop. The other excuse I give is "I don't want to sing to a track." And honestly I do not want to sing with a track. I'm not saying I expect a full on band behind me but give me a track and the choir or an acoustic guitar and a back-up or a piano and a back-up. My fear is that if I go in with "demands" I'll be let down and discouraged. I'm scared. However, I've overcome hurdles much bigger than this itty bitty one. I've never wanted to be the "frontman". I've always wanted to be back-up. I enjoy singing the harmony to a melody. So sweet.

My ultimate goal [has always been] is to refresh my talent to play the piano and sing while I play. I've tried the guitar but have been unsuccessful. I WILL learn to play it one day. I want to write, play, sing! A passion for music was given to me for a reason so I refuse to let it go to waste.

So, who wants to back me up?! ; )

This was not my intended post but I had to put it out there, it kind of bursted out in type.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


this is just a quick little update because I'm excited about a purchase I just made!

purchase #1  from photojojo

This lens adapter's extremely wide angle and super short focal length twists, distorts, and warps your photos into perfect circles turning all that's rectilinear, curvilinear. It's made out of multi-coated high definition optical glass that's got a big thing for color. Because it's an adapter and not just a lens it picks up and bounces off the dandiest little pieces of lens flare.

purchase #2 also from photojojo
What better way to tote your precious camera cargo than with a retired lifesaving device? These handmade camera straps come straight from the benches of wreck yard automobiles!
It's time you gave your camera the haltering strength it deserves, and the super funky style it's been silently hoping for. Be the first person on your block to start wearing a seat belt around your neck!

Choose from six colors: Burgundy, Teal, White, Red, Lime, and Silver

I went with the lime strap! it is so greeeen! love it!

OK, expect a bigger WAY better blog later this evening or tomorrow...or before the weekend ; )
off to work. gross!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

poor thing.

My poor, sad, neglected blog! I just haven't had it in me lately! I have been insanely busy. I pledge to update more often starting...the next time I post something ; ) I don't wanna make a promise I can't keep! I mean it's not like I have a huge following : / I AM proud of my 3 though! Sorry ol' faithfuls. I'll shoot for a picture dump next time and then that should get me going again!

Have a happy easter! ()()