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Monday, October 12, 2009

let the not-so-fun begin.

Well, the process of moving out has begun. The curtains are down, the holes are patched, my bed frame is apart and it's all back to looking boring and ugly. So sad! I can't believe I lived without curtains for so long...they made such a huge, beautiful difference!

I'm pretty pumped now. Some things have changed-Ashley is planning on moving into a one bedroom here so there will only be a small transfer fee opposed to a rather large termination fee. Hooray for not breaking the lease. We're still trying to work out some kinks and bargain talk with the office. I have high hopes.

That is all for now. Ciao!

Monday, October 5, 2009

moving right along.

I've convinced myself that the move back home will be a good thing. In the back of my head I've always known it'd be best but never considered it. Soooo, to get myself excited about the move I've been thinking of how I want to re-do my room; paint, decor, the layout of the room, etc...!

these are the main color ideas I'm going with (for now) for my bedroom and/or bathroom. Don't pay attention to the pictures of the rooms, just the palettes. Clearly I like purple, more-so for my bedroom. I'd like to do the orange as the main wall color in the bathroom...who knows! Having creative freedom is hard work!!! Stresses me out. ; )

No plans have been made as far as when the move will take place. Ever since the decision has been made I look at my apartment and my mouth drops open...WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT ALL OF THIS STUFF??!! Yikes! Moving is not fun. But, change is gooooood! Luckily I can probably work a lot of my living room furniture into my parents house and into my bedroom there. Instead of looking at all of this as an inconvenience, to me and my family and Ashley, I'm seeing it more as an opportunity.
So long, my love.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

change: in season. in life.

Hello October!! Fall is probably my most favorite season, with Spring at a close second. I'm impatiently waiting for Florida to get the memo and change it's weather pattern! Heat be gone!!! Although yesterday was beautiful and this morning was nice.

I have been on the hunt for some cutesy fall decorations and this is all I've got so far

*excuse the dishes in the sink* ; )

It's not much but I love my little glittery pumpkins! Sadly, the decorating has come to an end due to some changes that are being made in my life. I have made the decision to move back to my parent's house. With all of the things I'm already dealing with I cannot afford (no pun intended) to worry about finances and such. I'm "stuck" with what I've got for now. Moving home was never an option for me and is something I've refused to do when times got hard in the past but, these instances are inexcusable. I'm torn and hurt because I didn't want to put Ashley in an uncomfortable situation but she's amazing and understanding and we will figure everything out. Moving on....

Last Sunday I had the long over-due priviledge of seeing Blink 182 live in concert! I took my friend Richard for an early birthday gift since I got a killer deal on the tickets (2 for $27!!!) We had a blast despite the ridiculous heat and restrictions the venue had. Little did we know, we weren't allowed to take anything in...nothing! We found this out AFTER we walked halfway around the grounds from the car to the gate. UGH! On the long trek back to the car we decided we'd move the car and park closer...genius decision! On our second trip back to the gate we were amused to see Tyson Ritter and another bandmate of All American Rejects promoting a band they had just signed to their label. Tyson is an interesting character...see for yourself.

He was in a wheelchair, in a moo-moo with glitter adorned eyes and bandages and a cast-like contraption on his leg. Didn't know what that was all about but he performed with same bandages and such and even had a fan push him around in his wheelchair announcing he was so drugged up because of the pain. I have yet to find out what happened to him. He was very entertaining! haha! Asher Roth opened. I liked his beats but I probably would have had more fun if I smoked weed and was high enough to understand where he was coming from...oh well! Fall Out Boy was after AAR and before Blink and surprise surprise, they suuuuucked! They though it would be entertaining to have some dude on stage drinking as much beer/get as drunk as he could during a song. Even less entertaining the guy was a sissy and puked it up between beers! What a girl! Onto the main event!!! Blink was a lot of fun to watch! Those old men are still as cute as can be! Immature as ever but I would have been disappointed had they not of been. Travis Barker proved himself to be "THE MAN!" with his encore opening flying drum-solo!!

crappy cell phone pic, I know but it's all I've got since we weren't allowed to take camera's in. GRRR! That's him on the platform at the bottom (in the bottom-middle of all the lights). It was 3 minutes of insanity and definitely the high-light of the entire show!

So, that's my life today. Until next time....