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Friday, February 5, 2010

chrome pomegranate. rain. and a hot date!

Tonight I am being treated to the John Mayer concert for my birthday (Jan. 30) by a mother figure from my childhood! I am beyond excited; his live shows are a billion times better than his cd's...who knew that was possible these days?! I've got a fresh coat of polish on my nails so I'm ready to go! The color is called pomegranate and it's a chrome effect. LOVE IT!

One thing that's putting a damper (literally) on my evening is the rain!! I do not enjoy being out in the rain! Wet feet and pant legs make me miserable so I'm having a hard time planning my outfit and I'm not sure if it's supposed to keep raining or not. My guess is that it's going to keep on drizzling-a dress and flats it is! : / I'm horrible with managing my time so since I'm thinking about it I should go and get ready because I have less than an hour to be dressed and ready to go meet and get some dinner! Let the HOT DATE begin!!


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