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Friday, February 12, 2010

at a loss for words.

I have found myself at the most awkward place in my life. fresh out of a horrific struggle through life yet still fighting my way through it. just turned 25. still unsure of who I am or would like to be. 
Lucky for me God has guided me back into church and I have been reacquainted with a support system I let go of and have so desperately needed! It's been a magical experience minus the mystery of the unknown. I've always known what being in church does for the soul. I simply (I can use that word to describe it now even though it's quite complicated to explain) lost sight of what matters. The take I have on my life has so drastically changed! I am at a loss for words.

Speaking of awkward and losses of words, the past few days have been just that when trying to express myself. It's like my brain shuts off just seconds before I go to speak/type. No comprende le situatione...clearly I suck at spanish too ; )

In an attempt to express myself with words I'd like to do a small re-cap of my week so far: sunday-sunday school olympics started (more info? just ask), took on a young lady in youth and a senior adult woman as my secret sisters for the month. Monday-had lunch with a friend I haven't seen since high-school (SIX, almost SEVEN years-bleh) and met her two precious babies (a baby girl and a 2 year old little boy); we've known each other since the first grade! We had a nice chat catching each other up on our lives. Tuesday: nothing super exciting happened, I babysat my boys that morning and my work week started. Wednesday: I met another dear old friend, who was "home" from her home in Ohio, for coffee; haven't seen her in 3 or so years. I had a hard time leaving and going our separate ways : ( we made a "pact" to stay in touch to the best of our ability! I will abide by it!! [did I mention both of the old friends I met up with are named katy/katie?! neat!] and today, Thursday: did some shopping for my secret sisters valentine's gifts and met up with yet another friend for lunch! I don't know about you but, a week filled with friends is a great week in my book! I feel blessed beyond belief...I'm a simpleton. doesn't take much!


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