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Saturday, April 24, 2010

dusty talents.

God thing or not, today I somehow ended up watching Hillsong performances on youtube. They are insanely talented and all possess angelic voices. My voice, FAR from angelic, is decent and I thoroughly enjoy singing so why in the world am I not?! I mean I sing every single day, sometimes all day but why not where people can hear? My excuse is "I'm not ready." Lame! That's become a habitual answer and I will stop. The other excuse I give is "I don't want to sing to a track." And honestly I do not want to sing with a track. I'm not saying I expect a full on band behind me but give me a track and the choir or an acoustic guitar and a back-up or a piano and a back-up. My fear is that if I go in with "demands" I'll be let down and discouraged. I'm scared. However, I've overcome hurdles much bigger than this itty bitty one. I've never wanted to be the "frontman". I've always wanted to be back-up. I enjoy singing the harmony to a melody. So sweet.

My ultimate goal [has always been] is to refresh my talent to play the piano and sing while I play. I've tried the guitar but have been unsuccessful. I WILL learn to play it one day. I want to write, play, sing! A passion for music was given to me for a reason so I refuse to let it go to waste.

So, who wants to back me up?! ; )

This was not my intended post but I had to put it out there, it kind of bursted out in type.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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