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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

second half of the last post...

I was SO heated over this...thankfully splitting it up worked, sorry for the trouble!!

Ohhh the Haney's. This crazy crew and I had a great time out on Clearwater beach capturing some fun and beautiful shots. Jake, the oldest son (far right), and I have been friends since middle school and his girlfriend, now FIANCE, is one of my very bestest friends, Annie. A shoot I did with her and Jake will follow!

Jake and Annie!

lovvvve this one of Jake (below) he looks like such a stud : P

the Schulte's. What a bunch! This is me (far right) and my family a few years ago. Taking our family pics is such a chore. We just had another attempt a week or two ago and it was a semi-fail. We shall try again soon!

Surprise, surprise! With a face and bod like that Caleb was bound to show up in here again sometime ; ) Regardless of his physical features, he has a heart of gold!

Ni, yes N-i, Ni blowing bubbles during a shoot with him and his family in St. Pete. His mom was my career advisor while I was in school! I was shocked when she asked me to do her family pictures!!! What and honor!

more coming....WHAT A HASSLE!!! SOO STINKIN' SORRY!!!!! : (

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