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Sunday, January 31, 2010

me. my. mo.

Want To Know More About Me??

I am borrowing this from Tara @ tara's tidbits. It's fun for us bloggers to get to know a little more about each other....

  • I AM - a Christian, friend, sister, daughter, mom (to an unbelievably awesome pug, Petey), believer, dreamer, and I'm determined to find my place in this small, big world!
  • I HAVE - high hopes!
  • I WISH - to travel the world and see everything!
  • I WANT - to go shopping!!!
  • I FEAR - loneliness and being unsuccessful.
  • I HEAR - the fish tank, Luke Wilson, the Commodores and my brother
  • I WONDER - what God has in store for me now...I'm excited!
  • I REGRET - not getting into more trouble when I was younger ; )
  • I LOVE - to decorate, fashion, photography, making people laugh, meeting new people and spending time with friends!
  • I ALWAYS - avoid confrontation unless, I see a need to address an issue.
  • I USUALLY - stay up late and wake up early.
  • I AM NOT - a liar! I can't stand it!
  • I SING - all the time! I love love LOVE it! I've always wanted to be a back-up singer! hehe!
  • I RARELY - go out : (
  • I NEVER - say never, anymore.
  • I CRY - more than I like to.
  • I AM NOT ALWAYS- good at managing my time! distractions, distractions!
  • I NEED - a new job!!! ultimately I'd like my photography to take off! We'll see...it's part of my high hopes ; )

Feel free to borrow this too!