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Monday, October 5, 2009

moving right along.

I've convinced myself that the move back home will be a good thing. In the back of my head I've always known it'd be best but never considered it. Soooo, to get myself excited about the move I've been thinking of how I want to re-do my room; paint, decor, the layout of the room, etc...!

these are the main color ideas I'm going with (for now) for my bedroom and/or bathroom. Don't pay attention to the pictures of the rooms, just the palettes. Clearly I like purple, more-so for my bedroom. I'd like to do the orange as the main wall color in the bathroom...who knows! Having creative freedom is hard work!!! Stresses me out. ; )

No plans have been made as far as when the move will take place. Ever since the decision has been made I look at my apartment and my mouth drops open...WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT ALL OF THIS STUFF??!! Yikes! Moving is not fun. But, change is gooooood! Luckily I can probably work a lot of my living room furniture into my parents house and into my bedroom there. Instead of looking at all of this as an inconvenience, to me and my family and Ashley, I'm seeing it more as an opportunity.
So long, my love.

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